T3 Bosch batteries: For commercial equipment

Reliable Starting, Safe Arrival

The constantly increasing number of electrical devices, long vehicle standing times and often extreme temperature conditions can drain a commercial-vehicle battery completely. The Bosch T3 have the necessary power reserves. They ensure a reliable power supply at all times. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, they are 100% maintenance-free and have a particularly long service life, which means cost savings for fleet operators.

T3 range between 100Ah to 200Ah


​Full Starting Power with Bosch Batteries

​The Number One in power supply and starts: 
Bosch Battery combines the assets of a first-class starter battery with the high capacity and constant guarantee of power supply on the road.

Our Bosch Original S3 Batteries are the best in the market ranging from 40Ah to 200Ah, suit all type of cars, trucks, equipment and generators.

Advantages of the Bosch-Batteries S3
PowerFrame technology: higher starting power, longer service life
100% maintenance-free. Thanks to minimal water consumption the battery requires no servicing throughout it's life.
Maximum safety: twin backfire protection guards the battery from sparks
during shipment, transport, handling or tilting. Sealed battery cover design means no acid can leak.
Easy transport and installation by means of ergonomic handles.